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Welcome to React DataGrid

The MOST Powerful DataGrid/DataTable/Tree Table component for React based Line Of Business Applications

Print, Word/Excel Export, Server/Client Paging and Filtering, Customizable Filter Controls and Summary Footers, User Settings, Preference Persistence

Smooth scroll, Nested Hierarchical Tree/child grids, Left/Right Locked Columns, Lazy Load/Virtual Scroll

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1) npm install --save flexicious-react-datagrid 2) npm install --save flexicious-react-datagrid-styles 3) Add the following imports to your screen:

import { ReactDataGrid, ReactDataGridColumn } from 'flexicious-react-datagrid'
import { CssStyles, ApiStyles } from 'flexicious-react-datagrid-styles'

And then in your render method: ```

Hello World!

<ReactDataGrid styles={ApiStyles.getThemeStyles('officeblue')} width={"100%"} editable dataProvider={[{ label: "Company A", state: "NJ", rank: "1.11" }, { label: "Company B", state: "PA", rank: "11.1" }, { label: "Company C", state: "CT", rank: "-111" }, { label: "Company D", state: "NY", rank: "2.34" }, { label: "Company E", state: "NJ", rank: "22.2" }]}> <ReactDataGridColumn dataField="label" /> <ReactDataGridColumn dataField="state" /> <ReactDataGridColumn dataField="rank" sortNumeric /> </ReactDataGrid>